This month saw my exclusion from Fakebook’ and ‘Shitter’. Well yes, that’s quite derogatory, however, they are without doubt sleazy big-tech monoliths. It goes-without-saying that they have billions of users and for that they earn billions from those users, who don’t receive a penny of the easy-come revenue. Rather, the users are treated with contempt, often given penalties for infringing terms and conditions, with no-right-of-reply.

High-profile incidents have included Donald Trump, whose ‘tweets’ during the election were suppressed because the information was false, apparently, and eventually his account was suspended and then deleted. It’s not whether Donald Trump is likeable or if his views are liked, that led to his downfall, it’s the ‘leftie’ politics of ‘Fakebook’s’ Zuckerburg and ‘Shitter’s’ Dorsey. If they don’t like certain politics, it does not remain on their sites.

Their sites are not publishers, who have an expectation put upon them to print facts. That is not always the case and if they get it wrong, they can be sued for libel. Platforms are free-speech outlets where the standard is not so high. Hence there is always a free-for-all whenever a topic is in the limelight, especially that of a superinjuction, the guessing and outing of who it may be is without parallel and no one gives a fuck about libel.

To boot Trump from ‘Shitter’ while defending Iran’s Ali Khameni’s call for genocide is pure hypocrisy. The same ‘Shitter’ that allowed (and defended) its right to allow child sexual abuse by the perpetrator. Despite pleas from the victim and his family, ‘Shitter’ allowed the images to remain, stating it didn’t break the terms and conditions. Also, the images received 167,000 retweets (by who?) and ‘Shitter’ shoved adverts inbetween them! It’s no wonder they are being sued for $500,000,000. Let’s hope they have to pay-up.

‘Fakebook’ itself has been under scrutiny by the UK government and ‘Fakebook‘ is being sued by the US government and 48 states. The US government and more than 40 states have sued ‘Fakebook‘ for illegally crushing competitors and demanded the company undo its acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp. Morally, both ‘Shitter’ and ‘Fakebook’ are bankrupt, that may be how big-tech operates, but it’s strange that they impose morality upon users who do no more than express an opinion.

On January the 6th, I received a 30-day restriction from ‘Fakebook’. What’s curious is I didn’t do anything. Replying to a long-winded piece of carnist crap on one of my posts, I got no further than writing the response. The algorithims of ‘Fakebook’ are so fast it is like living in the future. I didn’t send the comment as the illustration will show. The user’s name is highlighted blue and only changes to black once sent. Even so, what world do we live in where we cannot use an expletive?

Of course, ‘Fakebook’ does not respond, I doubt any human sees the replies and if they do, they are useless individuals. Other issues I have been restricted for are showing nudity or sexually explicit content. One image showed a male hunter with his finger on his nipple. That cost me three days. Another was a documentary on starving children in Africa. ‘Fakebook’ should donate clothing to the children so that when documentary makers arrive, the children will be fully clothed. That cost me 7 days.

‘Shitter’ is no better than its equally dismal competitor ‘Fakebook’ when it comes to incomprehensible decisions. After having a ‘header-image’ for over a year on my page -a pig with the throat cut- ‘Shitter’ informed me that my page was locked until I removed the image as it broke the rules. I replaced the image with an equally distressing image. Images, I might add, that can be shown elsewhere on ‘Shitter’.

Also, I challenged their decision to ‘lock’ my account because I suggested someone should swear an affidavit. I didn’t remove the tweet and my account was ‘unlocked’ anyway.

I was ‘locked’ for suggesting on another user’s page that a person that posted a dire comment should be given the ‘Darwin Award’ with a suitable expletive. Considering some of the invective I’ve seen on ‘Shitter’ I’d say my tweet was tame.

Let’s be quite clear here, I use social media to campaign for animal rights. I do not do ‘hello, just woke up, sun is shining, be round later for a chin-wag’. I also use social media to post from this website to advertise my site. Personally, fuck ‘Fakebook’ and ‘Shitter’ and their touchy-feely, nonsensical decisions. I have joined ‘gab’ and ’tillor’ as alternatives to the others. However, if my site 150billionandrising.com ever becomes big, then I won’t have the time for social media. Often I take a sabbatical away from social media, if only to give myself a break from wading through all the old bollocks that infests those sites They are not the be-all-and-end-all of the internet.