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Right now, there are hundreds of fires ripping through the treetop homes of orangutans.

Many of these dangerous fires are started by Conflict Palm Oil companies to expand their industrial plantations. Once these rainforests are destroyed, they’re gone forever — replaced by palm oil plantations to produce this cheap vegetable oil that will make its way into the global market and into homes like yours.

Orangutans need your help now!
Donate now!

When the forest goes up into smoke,
so will the future of wild orangutans.

Donate Now

We’re doing everything we can to stop the production of this deadly ingredient. In fact, massive palm oil trader Musim Mas just vowed to cut ties with notorious Conflict Palm Oil producer, Indofood — thanks to people like you! Now we’re laser focused to get other corporations to do the same.

Clint, the rainforest is the orangutan’s only home, where they find food, how they travel, and where they nest — they can’t live without it.

Will you make a donation today to protect orangutan habitat?

Orangutans can’t survive without your support. You, and thousands of others within our network, help us hold corporations accountable for driving the destruction of orangutans’ homes. Please, make any size donation today, and help us secure the future of orangutans in Indonesia.

For the future of orangutans,



Chelsea Matthews
Forest Campaigner
Rainforest Action Network




At RAN, we take the “Network” in our name seriously. It is only through your support that we are able to fund major campaigns for the forests, their inhabitants and the natural systems that sustain life. Please consider joining RAN as a Member by making a gift today.

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