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The Canada lynx is in danger.

In just 2 days, one of the largest banks in the world will make a decision that could destroy its habitat. JPMorgan Chase will decide to renew credit for Enbridge, the energy company behind the Line 3 Pipeline. Line 3 is a massive and dangerous pipeline that would cut right through one of the Canada lynx’s last remaining strongholds in the U.S. — and one of Enbridge’s other pipelines exploded less than 1 week ago — resulting in a fireball and the evacuation of over 100 people. We urgently need your donation today to help us stop this pipeline.

Donate Now!
Donate now!

Oil pipelines like Line 3 threaten Indigenous people and wildlife, tearing through wild rice fields, destroying culturally significant landmarks and potentially poisoning drinking water with toxic oil. Big banks like JPMorgan Chase only have one thing in mind: profiting at any cost.

Clint, will you help us stand up against big banks like JP Morgan Chase and protect wildlife like the lynx?

Just like you, as an action taker within Rainforest Action Network, I refuse to stand by idly as wildlife like the lynx are pushed further towards the brink of extinction. With your help, we’ve stopped pipelines before, and we’re aiming to do it again here.  

Please, donate today to stop the destruction before it begins.

Donate Now

There are two choices: stand idly by and do nothing while JPMorgan Chase funds the construction of Enbridge and Line 3 — risking the spillage of toxic chemicals into waterways, poisoning people, planet and the habitat of the lynx  — or you can take a stand firmly with us, today, and support our fight to stop the October 16th credit renewal so we can allow irreplaceable wildlife, like the lynx, to thrive in the wild.

With your help, we will continue fighting these individual battles for the climate, communities and wildlife like the lynx. We cannot and will not stop protesting until the exploitation of people and wildlife comes to an end.

For the lynx and their home,


Rainforest Action Network

Ruth Breech
Climate and Energy Senior Campaigner
Rainforest Action Network





At RAN, we take the “Network” in our name seriously. It is only through your support that we are able to fund major campaigns for the forests, their inhabitants and the natural systems that sustain life. Please consider joining RAN as a Member by making a gift toda

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