Will you help bulls and other animals?
Dear clint,

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This week, dozens of terrified bulls will be prodded out of small, dark enclosures and onto the crowded streets of Pamplona, Spain, where they will slip and slide as they are menaced by throngs of drunken tourists.

For each bewildered, frightened bull, the run will end in a bullring, where he’ll be slowly tormented before being stabbed to death.

Please donate today to help these bulls and other animals who face extreme cruelty and slaughter in violent “sports” or other cruel “traditions”.

Whether it occurs in Spain, France, South America, or elsewhere, the cruelty of bullfighting is indisputable. In the ring, each bull is jabbed repeatedly with sharpened lances and daggersbefore a matador (Spanish for “killer”)stabs a sword between the animal’s shoulder blades. It’s not uncommon for a wounded bull to drown in his own blood if the blade is driven into his lungs, and those who don’t die outright are often still conscious as their ears and tail are cut off as “trophies” and they are dragged from the arena in chains.

Will you help end these bloody events and save bulls and other animals by making an urgently needed donation today?

Opposition to bloody bullfights is growing louder every year. In June, more than 40,000 kind people, including PETA supporters, joined together in a massive anti-bullfighting march through the streets of Madrid. The vast majority of Spaniards disapprove of this stain on their country’s reputation, and today, more than 100 Spanish municipalities prohibit bullfighting. In cities where it still persists, bullfighting is often propped up only by naïve tourists or stubborn officials who still think stabbing a frightened animal to death is an acceptable “tradition”.

By encouraging tourists not to attend the Running of the Bulls and pressuring the Spanish government to ban bullfighting entirely, PETA and our international affiliates are doing all we can to relegate this ghastly “tradition” to the history books. Last year, after hearing from more than 20,000 PETA UK supporters, the parliament of Spain’s Balearic Islands – which include Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza – voted to introduce strict new regulations on bullfighting that will make it illegal to kill or wound bulls with swords, knives, or other weapons in an arena. Regulations like these often dissuade industry supporters from holding anybullfighting events at all.

But despite encouraging signs like these, bulls are still being maimed and killed by the thousands – and we must keep working around the clock to dry up the ticket sales that fund their suffering. Please increase the momentum of PETA’s high-profile campaigns with a gift today.

Together, we’ll keep working until animals are no longer being abused for human entertainment – or for any other reason.

Thank you for your compassion for bulls and other animals.


Kind regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk

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