…HSI Canada sterilized and treated 148 dogs thanks to compassionate people like you.
Dear clint,

Early last month, our HSI Canada team, along with our partner group Chiots Nordiques, hosted a sterilization clinic for stray and wandering dogs in the remote First Nations community of Unamen Shipu, Quebec. The community is so secluded that it’s only accessible by air or by sea, and because of a lack of access to veterinary services, Unamen Shipu had to resort to inhumane methods of dog management to control their street dog populations. But with the community fully committed to spay–neuter as a lasting and humane solution, there’s finally hope for these dogs.


For three days, we examined 148 dogs, sterilizing them and giving them necessary veterinary care. One of the dogs we found on the streets was a mother dog named Nouka. She was extremely emaciated and was in great pain with a major wound on her neck.


Once a veterinarian examined her, we discovered that her wound was part of a wired fence growing in her neck. If we hadn’t found her, her wound would have gotten very infected. She was one of the 44 dogs Chiots Nordiques put up for adoption, including her puppies!

Another dog we found was a puppy named Boulette. She was just a few weeks old, left alone on the streets.

We brought Boulette back to our clinic to be examined and quickly discovered how affectionate and sweet she was, following our staff and volunteers around. She has already found her forever home where she can give her new family all the love she carries in her little body.

See more pictures of the animals helped at our clinic.

Thank you for standing with us and bettering the lives of animals all over the world.


Kitty Block
Humane Society International

P.S. To help us continue this lifesaving work, please consider making a donation today!

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