Please support PETA's and DOUBLE your impact!

Please support PETA’s Animal Test Challenge and DOUBLE your impact!

Dear clint,

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In a crowded, filthy enclosure in India, a malnourished horse trembles in fearas workers with large-bore needles approach her to extract large volumes of her blood. She’s forced to endure the same excruciatingly frightening and painful process multiple times each month, but her suffering doesn’t end there. Day after day, she’s kept tightly tied up, barely able to move, and denied the opportunity to roam, graze freely, or even stand on floors that aren’t covered with waste.

This horse is just one of thousands of equines imprisoned around the world who are right now treated as nothing more than living incubators for drug companies. But today, you have an opportunity to help stop their suffering.

Donate to PETA’s Animal Test Challenge right now to prevent horses, dogs, cats, and other animals from being hideously abused for drug manufacturing and painful experiments. All gifts received by 31 October, up to our £250,000 goal, will be matched to support our work against animal experimentation.

Experts authorised by the Animal Welfare Board of India, including PETA India and affiliated scientists and veterinarians, inspected 10 facilities that extract blood from horses, donkeys, and mules to produce drugs such as antitoxins and antivenins – and they discovered rampant abuse and neglect almost everywhere they turned.

Many of the animals were fearful and anxious, and they often suffered from hoof disease, malnourishment, infections, parasites, and eye conditions. Even dying horses were denied the veterinary care they desperately needed!

The abuse found at hideous facilities like these is horrific, but with help from kind people like you, we can do even more to end it. Will you please support PETA’s work for horses, donkeys, and all other animals abused in crude and painful experiments?

After PETA India revealed the misery endured by horses, mules, and donkeys who are bled over and over, thousands of caring people called for Indian authorities to deny or revoke drug-production facilities’ licences to use animals. A council under India’s Department of Biotechnology then announced funding for research to develop animal-free antitoxins.

As a result, we’re making progress, but more action is needed to stop the abuse of horses and other animals who are suffering in these secretive facilities. That’s why the PETA International Science Consortium Ltd., an organisation that coordinates the scientific and regulatory expertise of PETA and its affiliates, is funding research into the manufacturing of animal-free antitoxins for diphtheria – and promoting the use of modern methods that won’t harm a single horse or any other animal.

In addition to being more humane than animal-derived substances, laboratory-made antitoxins can also help prevent serious illnesses that humans may experience as side effects of being dosed with antitoxins made from animals’ blood.

Please donate to PETA’s Animal Test Challenge today to support the crucial work that’s protecting animals from misery in laboratories and other hellish facilities.

Together, we can and must spare horses and other animals immense suffering inside laboratories, blood farms, and other dismal facilities. They have no one else to help them.

Thank you in advance for that help and for your compassion.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk

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