Demand Justice for Dog Found
Beaten and Buried Alive!
Sign Now

While he was out walking in a field in Quebec, Canada, a man heard a strange whimpering noise. He couldn’t immediately see where it was coming from, so he searched around. That’s when he saw a dog paw sticking up out of the ground, and the dirt quivering. He quickly uncovered the dog, who had been buried alive in a shallow grave.

Veterinarians who inspected the dog said they believe he was strangled and hit with a blunt object. And then left for dead.

Angel was horrified and outraged when she heard this story. So she started a Care2 petition to demand justice for this tortured, beaten pup. Will you sign it?

Local vets did everything they could to save the dog, whom staff nicknamed both Earthquake and Sugar Ray. At first, things looked hopeful. Even though he was dehydrated and could barely lift his head, his blood work came back fine and he was even able to eat and drink on his own. But twenty-four hours later, he passed away.

A man in his 40s turned himself into police shortly afterwards, and reporters say it’s likely he’ll be charged with animal cruelty. But “likely” is not enough.

Sign Angel’s petition to tell authorities in Quebec that the world will not tolerate such abuse and cruelty!

Thank you for all that you do,

Miranda B.
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. Earthquake suffered unspeakable brutality and his abuser must be punished. Please sign the petition now.

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