Botswana’s Elephants Are Being Slaughtered at an Unprecedented Rate. Something Must Be Done.
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The Southern African nation of Botswana has long been considered one of the last bastions of safety for the imperiled African elephant. Its parks were regarded as top-notch, and their anti-poaching armed guards did a comparatively good job of protecting their nation’s pachyderms.

But recently that has all changed. The country — home to the most of any nation — has experienced an alarming spate of elephant poaching over the past two months. According to conservationists on the ground, since mid-July, 90 elephant carcasses have been discovered within Botswana. It seems that after poachers have devastated populations in nearby Zambia and Angola, they have now trained their sights on Botswana’s.

According to Elephants Without Borders, a similar census showed that in 2014 only 14 elephants had been poached in an equitable amount of time. The deaths this year, show a 540% increase over the span of just four years.

At that rate, Africa’s elephant haven could quickly turn into hell. Something must be done.

Please sign the petition and demand Botswana take immediate action to end the spate of poaching in their country and implement a plan that will turn Botswana into the safe haven it once was.

Thank you,

Andrew M
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. Make sure Botswana knows you want them to take action to save their elephants. Sign the petition.

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