Hi clint,

I woke up to flashlights in my window and found ten police officers at my door. They raided my home, took my camera and computer, and served me with criminal charges for investigating a massive factory pig farm. In my investigation, I found piles of rotting, dead piglets and mother pigs with painful prolapses, where their organs were literally falling out of their bodies. I reported this criminal abuse to the authorities, but no action was taken to help the pigs — and now, the police have confiscated my footage and are helping the farm keep their crimes hidden.

That’s why I need your help to get this story out there! Please share the video and sign the petition at dxe.io/ontario.

Share this story far and wide and ask the Ontario SPCA to help the suffering pigs.

It isn’t a crime to expose animal cruelty or to help a suffering animal. The crime is what’s happening at Adare Pork to thousands of pigs right now who need our help. I will never stop working to defend the rights of these animals, and you can help me continue in the face of legal repression bydonating to my legal defence fund here.

Thank you,

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