Take a peek at some of the great things our HSI/India office is accomplishing for animals all because of supporters like you!
Dear clint,

You may not know this, but HSI/India is one of the many accomplished teams across the globe that make up the Humane Society International family. Today, we want to share some recent achievements with our special supporters like you.

Fighting the dog meat trade and putting an end to this gruesome industry is a primary focus here at HSI. Earlier this year, HSI/India rescued 36 dogs crammed into bags, just moments away from being sold and slaughtered for meat. We now have permanent custody of the surviving dogs, and soon they will be ready for adoption into loving homes. Read more about this here, and be sure to check out some photos from the rescue.


Another campaign HSI/India focuses on is ending owl sacrifices during the festival of Diwali. Some people believe that by killing the owls, the goddess of wealth will bring them good fortune. We rescue owls from illegal traffickers who hope to sell the birds for ritual sacrifices. After much-needed medical treatment, these birds are released back into the wild. Our campaign has cultivated a strong network of confidential informants and forest department officials, ensuring maximum rescues during this festival.


When we found four elephants from the Gemini Circus living in terrible conditions after being left in an abandoned mall, HSI/India filed a complaint to the police. The court then ordered the rehabilitation of these animals. Now that they are rescued, they’re living on green pastures enjoying both their freedom and some welcome foot massages!

Because India accounts for 36 percent of human deaths due to rabies worldwide, our street dog welfare campaign there is a major priority, helping to vaccinate and sterilize dogs so that they can live happily, healthy and in harmony with humans. Take a look at this heartwarming video about a street dog named Fairy who made an incredible transformation, all made possible because of you!

Your support is helping achieve so much for animals in India and across the world. We can’t wait to share even more with you, and we’ll do so very soon!

Thank you for your compassion and for all that you do for animals.


Nuggehalli Jayasimha
Managing Director

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Photos by Sumanth Bindumadhav and Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre for HSI

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