Hi clint,

Giving Tuesday is tomorrow and we’re setting a high goal for the animals. We’re hoping to raise $50,000 before midnight tomorrow, and with that much support, I know we’ll be able to continue taking life-saving action in the face of repression. $50,000 will fund a complete mass rescue like the one we pulled off last week and help us build the legal case for rescuing every animal. But we need your support in order to put activists on the line and to care for the animals we save together.

Chip in now to help us reach our goal and save more animals in 2019 than any year before!

Plus, until the end of the year, all donations to DxE are being matched dollar for dollar by a generous supporter. That means $50,000 will become $100,000, enough money to train three investigators to expose violence and rescue animals from some of the most violent places on earth. This is the growth we need to spark a worldwide revolution for animal rights in 2019.

And whether you make a donation or not, please invite your friends to the fundraiser because we need to take this message to the public — and your social network can be an important part of the growing revolution for animal rights.

Thank you for your support! I really believe we can hit our goal tomorrow. Do you?


Chip in now to help us reach our goal →
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