Someone Poisoned Her Dog and the Government Won’t Do Anything About it. Sign to Demand Justice!
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Can you imagine the trauma?

You’re traveling internationally with your pet dog and tragedy strikes. Some evil stranger feeds your pooch meat laced with rat poison!

This might sound like a horrible, made-up nightmare, but this is exactly what happened to Leewen’s dog, Julie. After they moved to China together, someone poisoned Julie. You can see the palpable heartbreak in the photo of Leewan clutching her poor, dead dog.

To make matters even worse, what happened to Julie isn’t uncommon. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese dogs are killed each year by poisoning. People like Leewan beg the government to do something about the epidemic, but there are currently no laws or protections to stop these senseless killings. Even when these killers are caught, the lack of animal protections means there’s no framework in place to punish the culprit.

With enough signatures, we can change this! Please sign the petition now to urge China to take animal cruelty seriously. Animal abusers like those that poisoned Julie must be held accountable!

Thank you,

Alex B.
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. Leewan’s dog, Julie, was poisoned, but China’s animal cruelty laws are too weak for her to get justice. Please sign the petition to demand the government do something!

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