Our outrage was heard!

Wolf killer’s grazing permit canceled

Thank you for defending Mia Tuk’s legacy

Dear clint,

Justice is served for an innocent Mexican wolf bludgeoned to death by a public lands rancher! And it’s all thanks to you.

Back in June, a rogue public lands rancher illegally trapped an endangered Mexican wolf, named Mia Tuk, on his Gila National Forest grazing allotment and beat him to death with a shovel. The rancher received a slap on the wrist by federal wildlife officials for this unprovoked slaughter, and Mia Tuk’s story might have ended there.

Instead, wolf advocates like you voiced your outrage to the Forest Service, demanding it cancel the rancher’s grazing permit and give his reprehensible crime the punishment it deserves. The Service might have done nothing, but it acted because of you and thousands of others who voiced your love and outrage. As the agency divulged in internal documents, “failure to take any action would create an uproar among wolf advocates.” Truer words were never written!

The cancellation of this grazing permit proves that when we raise our voices in unison, we cannot be ignored—even in the darkest of times. Our outcry moved the Service to do the right thing and ensured Mia Tuk didn’t die in vain. Now, Mexican wolves can roam freely through the 75 square miles once monopolized by cows, howling a song of redemption.

For the Wild,

John Horning, Executive Director

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P.S. Mia Tuk was named by Jaryn Allen, then a second-grader in Albuquerque (and the artist of the image above). I can’t imagine Jaryn’s grief when he learned of Mia Tuk’s brutal death, but I’m so glad we secured justice for his beloved wolf.
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