Hi clint,

When I was a manager at Chipotle, I was proud to tell customers about our happy animals. I thought I was doing something good because of the hours I’d spent in training learning about the company’s high animal welfare standards. I recited their words to customers and eventually, it was my job to teach new employees to recite the same words about using “free-range” animals and treating them with respect.

But when I asked where our farms were, my bosses told me to stick to the talking points, and when I finally visited a Chipotle farm for myself, I found injured, diseased, and dead birds crammed inside an industrial shed. Now, I’m sharing the truth I discovered far and wide, and I need your help demanding a response from Chipotle!

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Yesterday, I went to Chipotle to ask questions, and a manager told me the same things I used to tell customers, the lies I used to believe about “responsibly-raised” chickens on “free-range” farms. When companies like Chipotle hide violence behind these humane labels, the public is unable to make decisions that align with their values. Please sign the petition asking Chipotle to give customers the right to know. If the public saw the suffering that I saw, they wouldn’t support it.


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