Dogs … on the killing floor for leather
Dear clint,

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For the leather trade, dogs are often snatched off the streets and taken to abattoirs. There, they immediately see the fear on the faces of the others just like them who are crammed into pens.

They smell blood as they’re dragged onto the killing floor.

They hear the cries of other dogs as they’re bludgeoned and their throats are slit before their skin is peeled off.

Terrified and helpless, these dogs will meet the same fate as countless others before them: they’ll be barbarically slaughtered. Their skin will be “harvested” and sold.

If we don’t protect dogs – and other animals – from such intense cruelty, who will? Please make a special Christmas donation right now to help end suffering! As little as £5 will make a difference for animals in need.

A PETA Asia investigation exposed the horrors that dogs face in abattoirs across China: workers grab them with pincers, bash them over the head, and leave many of them wailing and writhing until they die.

clint, I know it’s heartbreaking to see these horrifying images and to imagine something this terrible happening to a dog or other animal you know and love – but we must face the abuse that is occurring and do whatever we can to end it.

Please make your donation now and strengthen PETA’s work for animals.

When people see and learn about the pain and suffering behind items like leather accessories, fur coats, and wool jumpers, they act.

Groundbreaking exposés and campaigns by PETA and our international affiliates are inspiring people all over the world to choose fashions that don’t harm animals. We’re moving industry giants like Coach, Chanel, and Burberry to ditch fur and other animal skins. After hearing from PETA about the appalling cruelty and environmental hazards of leather production, Helsinki Fashion Week organisers agreed to ban leather from its catwalks beginning in 2019 – and shortly afterwards, London Fashion Week officials announced that the event would be fur-free for the first time ever in September. And the last remaining large department store in Germany to sell fur announced it will stop doing so.

A first-of-its-kind exposé of South African goat farms released earlier this year has led to a cascade of victories as hundreds of popular brands have dropped mohair. And on the heels of several new exposés revealing the abuse sheep endure in the global wool industry, we’re ramping up the pressure on Topshop, Forever 21, and other retailers to go wool-free.

The success of such vital work for animals depends on the support we receive from caring people like you. Will you please help us make 2019 a kinder year for animals by donating today?

Thank you for your generous support during this season of kindness.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk

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