‘Extinction Rebellion’ is full of hypocrites. These are the oiks that pompously create mayhem in cities worldwide, proselytising their cause while exacerbating that very cause by being culpable. All the techie-toys they use to take ‘selfies’ of themselves at their protests and the gas-guzzlers they use to get to them are contributory factors to global-warming.


However, none-more-so than the ‘Happy Meals’ they enjoy after a hard day’s work shouting their big mouths off! Here’s the thing: animal-agriculture is significantly the biggest contributor to climate-change and that includes eating animal products, wearing animal products and consuming animal secretions. They all wear leather, fleece, down consumables. They all stuff their faces with animal body-parts. Yet the pompous oafs lecture us on climate!


As with the carnist community and their speciest hypocrisy these climate yobs are paradoxical ponces. Politicians and celebrities are getting on the climate-change bandwagon for obvious career motives and are part of the wholesale bigotry that permeates this fake movement. If I’m brutally honest, they are all cunts!


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