Botswana could be about to make trophy hunting LEGAL!
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Botswana is the last safe haven for Africa’s elephants. It’s a refuge for one third of the species’ remaining population. This is in large part thanks to a ban on trophy hunting.

Now, though, the country’s Parliament wants to make trophy hunting LEGAL! Make your voice heard by signing this petition, before it’s too late.

Ed Goncalves writes in his petition: “Trophy hunting brings a cruel death for the target animal, and does little to benefit local communities or support wildlife conservation.

Elephant populations have fallen dramatically in recent years, including in neighbouring countries where trophy hunting is permitted.

Botswana is now the best hope for the survival of this magnificent creature. Losing the African Elephant would be a conservation disaster for Botswana, Africa and the world.”

Please sign Ed’s petition to ask the President of Botswana to keep the ban on trophy hunting.

Thank you,

Beth G.
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. Once a species is extinct, it’s gone forever. Please sign the petition to save Africa’s last elephants.

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