Your gift DOUBLES to help spare more animals suffering in painful tests!

Your gift DOUBLES to help spare more animals suffering in painful tests!

£10 … will become £20

£25 … will become £50

£100 … will become £200

Dear clint,

We’ve stopped so much misery, and millions of animals have been saved from cruel tests, but there are still places where this goes on: a gentle rabbit is pulled from a barren laboratory cage. Experimenters pour a chemical into her eyes. Still in pain, she is shoved back into a cage and left to suffer, alone.

Over the course of weeks, she will likely develop ulcers or lesions on the surface of her eyes. Her eyes may start bleeding. The experimenters take her out of the cage again and kill her.

Your gift will help us protect rabbits and other animals from misery, pain, and torment in laboratories – and until 31 October, it will be matched.

Will you help birds and other animals?

Despite the existence of far superior non-animal tests, the EU ban on testing cosmetics and their ingredients on animals, and more consumer demand for cruelty-free products than ever before, we still find animals being blinded, poisoned, cut apart, and killed in tests, and each one of them desperately needs our help.

clint, when you donate to PETA’s Animal Test Challenge,  your generous gift will be matched – for twice the impact on our vital work to stop cruel and archaic animal tests. Will you please make a donation right now?

With the help of decent, compassionate people like you, we’re able to work hard to end the absolutely appalling and widespread abuse of animals in laboratories. Our attention-grabbing campaigns show people the ugliness and suffering they will never see in those closed facilities and encourage hundreds of thousands of shoppers to take action for animals – and as members of the PETA International Science Consortium Ltd., PETA scientists are working to make humane, non-animal testing methods the global gold standard.

We will not stop making change come about – saving these 100 animals, that 1,000 – not while any rabbits, mice, and other animals are still stuck in laboratory cages and enduring excruciating pain. Please support PETA’s Animal Test Challenge by donating today.Don’t miss this chance to have your gift DOUBLED!

Thank you for your compassion.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk


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