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Meet Rainey. She was once trapped on a dog meat farm in South Korea, destined for slaughter. Her time on this farm was painful and lonely, and because of a fracture that was left untreated, her front leg was permanently bent. Thankfully, Rainey and the rest of the dogs suffering on this farm were rescued.


Shortly after her rescue, Rainey’s leg had to be amputated, but since then she’s made a great recovery! She is faster on three legs than some dogs are with four.


When Rainey was first rescued, she wouldn’t look people in the eye and twitched with fear when she was touched. It was clear that her time on this dreadful farm made an impression. Now, thanks to animal lovers like you, she’s learning all the wonderful things life has to offer. Getting hugs from her mom is one of her new favorite past times!


Rainey loves to be outdoors and to take in the fresh air. When she’s not busy going for car rides or eating lots of yummy treats, she likes to hang out with her dog sister, Saige, and her friend Rosie, a rescued cockatoo. Their bond is so strong that Rainey lets Rosie preen her fur and they even share their food.


Here at Humane Society International, we’re so grateful dogs like Rainey can get a second chance at life. Thank you for sticking with HSI!


Kitty Block
Humane Society International

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Photos by Patrick Brothers for HSI, Andrew Rush/AP Images for The HSUS

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