Dear clint,

This mother dog only wants to keep her puppies safe. But trapped on a dog meat farm in South Korea, every day is a struggle. This family knows nothing but the four walls of this dreary dungeon—no compassion, no enrichment and no way out.

HSI’s Animal Rescue Team is doing everything they can to make sure these animals get off this farm safely, but we need your help.

Donate now to help us rescue these dogs and protect other animals in need across the globe »

Life on a dog meat farm is miserable, until the day the cage door finally opens…but then these animals are taken away for slaughter. From start to finish, this horrifying reality is all they know.

With your help, we’re changing the story for this family and the more than 200 other dogs suffering on this farm. clint, will you help us permanently shut down this terrible place and help these dogs and other animals still suffering around the world?

With your donation right now, my team and I will be there for these dogs before it’s too late. They’re scared, confused and in desperate need of a second chance at life. You can be the one to offer it to them.

Please, donate today to help shut down this farm and protect all animals »

These rescues–and our work to fight cruelty to all animals—are only possible with your support. Thank you!


Kelly O’Meara
Vice President, Companion Animals & Engagement, HSI
Humane Society International

Photo by Jean Chung/For HSI

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