Hi clint,

I just got served documents from Whole Foods suing me and the Direct Action Everywhere network for speaking out about the company’s crimes. Over the past 5 years, DxE has uncovered disturbing misconduct at Whole Foods and Amazon farms, from cannibalism to the use of carcinogenic drugs. I’ve written to the company’s executives, asking to have a conversation about our findings, but Whole Foods has ignored us, arrested us, and now, they’re asking for a restraining order against me and all of DxE! 

Whole Foods wants to stop us from exercising our free speech and to keep customers from asking questions. They are desperate to shut down our activism and cover up the truth, but with enough people demanding transparency, Whole Foods will have no choice but to show the public just what they are doing to animals.

Sign the petition asking Whole Foods to drop the lawsuit and tell their customers the truth. 

This extreme response shows us just how powerful nonviolent direct action can be, and that’s why even in the face of repression, we’re expanding our investigatory and rescue network to take our movement to the next level. But to do that, we need support from people who believe in the right to know and the right to rescue. Become a DxE member today at $5 a month or more, and you’ll earn DxE a $100 gift from a generous donor! Together, we can demand transparency from powerful institutions like Whole Foods and shatter the “humane” myth.


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