This Nonsense Program is Killing Endangered Animals. Sign to Urge Queensland to Stop Needlessly Murdering Sharks!
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In Queensland, Australia, the government is baiting and killing endangered hammerhead sharks just to give people a false sense of security at the beach.

Please sign the petition to ask Queensland to end this shark control program that is needlessly killing endangered animals.

The idea was to “protect” the beachgoers from sharks, but it turns out that this version of shark control is horrible. They set up nets and baited drum lines to catch the sharks who are then shot to death. But the bait catches all kinds of animals, including endangered animals.

Additionally, environmental groups have explained that this tactic defeats the purpose of the whole conservation of this area. The government continues to say the killing is to protect beachgoers, but there is no evidence that this decreases attacks.

Sign the petition if you want the Queensland government to stop this tactic right away to protect the endangered species there!

Thank you,

Andrew M
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. Even though officials know there’s a better way, they refuse to implement it. We must change that. Sign the petition.

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