These dogs were wasting away—a brutal death lay ahead. Now, help has arrived.
Donate today to help rescue them, and protect animals around the globe on World Animal Day »
Dear clint,

A few weeks ago, we identified a dog meat farm in South Korea where over 200 dogs are suffering. They live in barren, filthy cages—their paws painful from the rusted wire floors they stand on. Every day, they are subjected to the harsh elements, extreme hunger, thirst and boredom.

Right now, our Animal Rescue Team is on the farm preparing to rescue all of the dogs and close it down permanently, but we still need you to help make this happen.

Make an impact this World Animal Day by donating to help shut down this horrible place, and protect so many other animals from suffering »

With your help, these dogs will soon be on their way to better lives. Your donation will do so much–bringing all of the dogs to safety, closing this farm for good, continuing the fight against the dog meat trade and supporting all of our efforts to protect animals.

Donate to help save these dogs suffering on this farm, and protect animals everywhere »

You are the reason these dogs will no longer suffer—and that we will continue to fight animal cruelty worldwide. Thank you so much for your compassion.


Kelly O’Meara
Vice President, Companion Animals & Engagement, HSI
Humane Society International

Photo by Jean Chung/For HSI

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