This psychic octopus became an instant celebrity, until its handler sold it for food.
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Rabio the octopus was minding its own business in the waters off the coast of Japan last month when it was caught by fisherman Kimio Abe. Instead of eating the animal, he decided to have some fun and get famous by claiming Rabio could predict the outcome of World Cup games.Everything worked out the way Mr. Abe had planned: he and Rabio became instant celebrities.

But it turns out that being a celebrity wasn’t enough to ultimately save Rabio from ending up on the dinner table. After a month of exploiting this poor sea creature, Mr. Abe slaughtered it for food anyway. This is outrageous and heartbreaking. Will you sign the petition asking Japan’s World Cup team to speak out against Rabio’s murder?

Even if Rabio hadn’t been gifted with supposed sports clairvoyance, this is still a deeply disturbing tale. Octopuses are extremely intelligent, and each of their eight tentacles have a mind of their own. They can use tools, invent clever ways to avoid danger, and have even escaped from “high security” aquariums. To use such a smart, creative animal for entertainment and profit and then sell it off as meat is cruel and morbid.

The athletes on Japan’s World Cup team have a chance to speak up and protect more animals like Rabio. Urge them to take action, and ask Mr. Abe to stop fishing for these amazing creatures.

Thank you for all that you do,

Miranda B.
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. Rabio didn’t even get a chance to predict the final World Cup game before he was killed and sold for food, and, in the end, his performing wasn’t able to save his life. Raise your voice for Rabio and sign the petition now!

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