More than two dozen animals were cut apart for ritual sacrifice. They deserve justice.
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Someone is sacrificing animals in the tiny community of Pomona, New York in the United States. Just in the past month, the mutilated remains of 25 animals have been discovered along the side of the road. Chickens, guinea hens, and a pygmy goat were all found disfigured, stuffed in garbage bags, and then tossed to the wayside.

These animals died in a horrific way. We cannot allow this to continue unabated. Will you join me in calling on the New York State Police to find the persons responsible?

All of the animals found had been decapitated, and their inuries suggest that many of them fought back to save their lives. Their last few minutes were filled with pain and fear as they struggled to escape. One goat had stab wounds in his thigh and the area was completely degloved — meaning his skin was torn away from the underlying tissue.

Officers suspect that the animals were killed as part of a ritual sacrifice. While killing livestock is not against the law, torturing them is. The people responsible for the deaths and prolonged torture of these 25 living beings should be caught and brought to justice now.

Please speak up for these slaughtered animals. We must make sure that no other creatures suffer the way that they did. Sign the petition now!

Thank you for all that you do,

Miranda B.
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. For 25 animals, their final moments were complete hell and torture. We have an obligation to find their killers. Will you sign the petition to demand justice?

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