Let’s Lend Our Voices to All Animals Everywhere – Allen Tieren eine Stimme geben, überall!!!

AKT-Aktion Konsequenter Tierschutz

21 OCT 2018 — 

Update of Oct. 21, 2018. (Please scroll down for the German version.)

Dear Supporters,

thank you so much! You have started another avalanche: We have got many new signatures to our petition, that means our community of people, who stand up against all kinds of animal torturing, continues to grow!

And we need so many more supporters, to make politicians in all the world take notice of our urgent plea, to outlaw animal torturing and to implement animal welfare legislation everywhere:

In early August 2018, after reaching about 86,000 signatures, I sent out another message to all the Representatives of the UN Member States and to the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, but unfortunately, not one of the 200 contacts deemed us worthy of any kind of reply.

And so I got to ask you again: Please take very opportunity that arises, to stand up for animal welfare: Whether in political discussions, or by writing letters to newspaper editors, by making compassionate choices in elections, by our way of life: lend your voice to all animals! Unfortunately it is not in Asia alone, where animals are tortured before they are killed. Maybe not as openly, as done by Asian perverts, but the result is the same for animals: They are not only brutally murdered, but knowingly they are submitted to pain and agony, both physically and mentally. This is tolerated by the German government as well!* (PS below)

Let me just name a few of everyday ways of animal torture: Grinding of teeth, amputation of tails, (all without anaesthetics, tethering, burning out of horns, hunting in the burrow, branding, blood withdrawal in pregnant horses, solitary confinement, trap hunting, bile juice removal in bears, high-performance sport (canine / horse racing), caging, gestation crates, mass animal husbandry (factory farming) without space, light and air, hunting training with caged foxes, slaughtering in consciousness, animal experimentation of all kinds, hunting for sports, separation of mother and child, animal transports over hours, days and weeks, rape (= compulsory insemination), circus dressage and many more …

Perpetrated on humans: mistreatment, abuse, deprivation of liberty, assault, torture, murder.

Perpetrated on animals: “normal” procedures.Procedures, most politicians care not to care about, as long as it is in their personal interest or it is profitable for any of their ethically underdeveloped voters (and most likely, one day the politician will be rewarded for having fostered animal torturing).

And so, there is only one thing left for us to do: To spread the petition and to make it clear on every occasion to politicians and everybody earning a living from animal abuse, that WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY TORTURING OF ANIMALS! Animals are living beings like us, they deserve the same protection, like us, that is physical integrity to their death.

Crimes committed to animals are crimes against humanity. We will not stop there, we denounce them, and we demand that these crimes against humanity be ostracised, punished and opposed throughout the world!

Thank you for all that you do, to reach our common goal: To make the world a better place for animals and for us, compassionate, sentient beings, too. Because:

“The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them. That’s the essence of inhumanity.“ (George Bernard Shaw)

With kind regards,

Barbara Schwarz
(AKT volunteer)
*) PS: Maybe you would like to let the German government know, what you think about their plan, to continue the Piglet castration without anaesthesia? A law was made 5 years ago to ban that heinous act from Jan. 1, 2019 on, but – favouring the pig breeders – the government intends to postpone the law. About 20 million animals are concerned!!!

Dr. Angela Merkel, the chancellor:;;
Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner:
Governing parties:;;
German Parliament: mail@bundestag.


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