Men Filmed Themselves Raping Dogs, Horses, a Cow and a Goat, But Will Only Face Minor Charges. Bestiality Must Be Considered a Felony!
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Three Pennsylvania men are being investigated for over 1,400 counts of having sex with dogs, cows, horses and goats. But in Pennsylvania, bestiality is only a misdemeanor. That means that these three men will only face minor charges for this MAJOR abuse.

Please sign my petition to demand Pennsylvania lawmakers make bestiality a felony.

The three men lived on a makeshift farm with a 16-year-old boy who came forward to tell authorities of the atrocities. When they searched the farm, authorities found tapes of the men raping animals. They also found specially V-shaped pens designed to facilitate this heinous act.

Currently, only 17 states make bestiality a felony. So that means animal abusers know exactly which states to go to and get away with this awful kind of abuse.

Bestiality should be considered a felony — NOT a misdemeanor — and carry appropriate mandatory prison sentencing. Please sign my petition asking Pennsylvania to make this change now before these three men get away with it.

Thank you,

Kelsey B.
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. These three men raped animals repeatedly and filmed it, all in front of a 16-year-old boy. Demand Pennsylvania makes their crimes a felony now!

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