A mother coyote endures agonising pain and terror – helpless to escape or reach her pups.

A mother coyote endures agonising pain and terror – helpless to escape or reach her pups.

Dear clint,

For one mother coyote, the white-hot pain begins the moment that a steel trap crushes her leg.

Her pups are nearby in their den – but she can’t reach them. She’s in agony. The trap has cut deep, down to the bone. In her desperation, she even tries to chew off her own leg – her only chance of escaping.

PETA is working to ensure that no coyote, fox, or mink – no animal of any species – has to experience this extreme cruelty. Will you help?

Make a gift today to support PETA’s “Save Our Skins” challenge. The deadline is 30 June – don’t miss out!

Take the challenge!

This year, trappers will kill countless animals like these – condemning them to an excruciating and violent death just for a pittance from a fur buyer. Sometimes, they use steel traps that are so inhumane they’re illegal in the European Union. Coyotes caught in these cruel traps can suffer horribly for days before succumbing to blood loss, dehydration, or attacks by predators. If they aren’t already dead when the trapper returns, they’ll be strangled, stamped on, or bludgeoned to death.

Despite global outrage over the trapping and killing of wild coyotes, Canada Goose produces coats trimmed with their fur (and stuffed with down from abused ducks and geese) – and European retailers are still selling these vile products.

Will you make a gift to the “Save Our Skins” challenge to help prevent coyotes, birds, and other animals from being killed for clothing and accessories?

PETA and our international affiliates are ramping up the pressure on Canada Goose to drop cruelly produced materials like fur and down. Everywhere the company operates – from New York to Tokyo to London – animal advocates are holding eye-catching demonstrations that help us expose the misery it sews into its coats.

Canada Goose itself has publicly acknowledged that activism like ours poses a real threat to its bottom line, and every day, we’re inspiring even more kind consumers to join us in shunning its ghastly products. Today, you have an opportunity to help us build on this momentum.

Give a boost to this campaign and all our other vital work to protect animals abused for their fur, skin, wool, or feathers. Donate today!

Thank you for your compassion and for everything you do to help us shut down the cruel skins trade.


Kind regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk

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