Take action now to help save dogs’ lives.
Please stand with us as we urge authorities to put an end to this cruelty »
Dear clint,

Across China, pets have been stolen and roaming dogs are being snatched off the streets in preparation for the annual dog meat “festival” happening next week in Yulin. The dogs’ and cats’ journey to this dreaded place—crammed on top of each other and transported for days without food or water—is only the beginning of their suffering.

Once they arrive, they’ll wait, terrified and helpless, until it’s their turn to be pulled out by the neck with iron tongs, and beaten to death to be eaten.

Please join us in telling the Yulin authorities this annual cruelty must end »

Last year, Yulin officials tried to prohibit the sale of dog meat, but at the last minute, they overturned the ban before the festival began. HSI and our Chinese partner groups will continue to push the Yulin government to end the dog and cat meat trade in the city.

Make your voice heard. Join HSI in urging Yulin authorities to take firm action this year »

Thanks to public outcry from compassionate people like you, this event has reduced in size year by year, shrinking the number of animals who suffer and die for their meat. Now more than ever, we must stand united to keep the pressure on.

Thank you for sticking with us during this difficult time. Your support is critical to putting a permanent end to this horror.


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