This lion’s life in a traveling circus was so bad, he ate his own tail. It’s time to shut down this circus!
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Up until recently, Govani the lion’s life was pure agony. His only “home” was a tiny, rusty cage, and he was forced to perform as part of a traveling circus. His claws and fangs were removed, and he ended up so skinny, sick, and distressed that he eventually devoured his own tail.

Luckily, Govani has been rescued by an animal protection group and has a new lease on life. But that doesn’t make what happened to him okay. Sign the petition to demand that the European Commission ban circuses like the one that owned Govani, now!

Govani’s story is gruesome, but unfortunately he’s not alone. Many European countries still allow traveling circuses to exploit innocent creatures for profit and entertainment by using wild animals in their shows. More than 1,000 animals are still being abused in this way.

But there are reasons to have hope: a wave is moving through Europe, and more and more countries are starting to ban these wild animal circuses. This is our moment to help Govani and other lions like him.

Animal lovers who are rescuing these innocent souls need your help. Will you sign the petition asking the European Commission to take action to save wildlife from a cruel circus fate?

Thank you for all that you do,

Miranda B.
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. Govani’s treatment isn’t unusual. When wild animals are captured and forced into circuses, they’re locked into small cages and mutilated to make them less dangerous. It’s time for every country in the European Union to end these horrendous practices.

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