This Zoo-goer Caused the Death of a Rare Giraffe! Demand Justice
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Giraffes aren’t the first animal that comes to mind when we think about endangered species. But over the last generation, nearly 40% of the species has been lost.

Rarer subspecies, like the Angolan, are at even greater risk of extinction. Just 13,000 Angolan giraffes are left today. 20 of these giraffes were in captivity, but there is one less thanks to a careless zoo-goer.

Recently, a man visiting a zoo in Portugal lured an Angolan giraffe into a ditch by offering it food despite the signs that asked visitors not to feed the animals. When the giraffe walked towards the zoo-goer, it fell into a ditch that separates the enclosure from the public, and died. Even worse, the 11-year old giraffe had just given birth last year, and left behind a dependent calf.

The police know who the visitor is, but he still hasn’t been charged. Sign the petition and tell the Portuguese police to hold the culprit accountable!

Thank you,

Angie L.
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. A zoo-goer killed a rare giraffe because he was being careless and inconsiderate. Demand justice and tell authorities to charge this man!

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