The Islamabad Zoo Has a Horrible History of Animal Cruelty and Negligence. Demand Better Treatment for These Animals.
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Earlier this month, a wolf got into the deer enclosure at the Islamabad Zoo. The predator attacked the herd, and killed five helpless deer. A staff member at the zoo was forced to take matters into their own hands and shoot the wolf dead to stop it from hurting any more deer.

Sadly, this not the first time that animals have been mistreated at the Islamabad Zoo.

Visitors have repeatedly reported that animals look lethargic, and many suffer from untreated injuries. Poor animals can be seen weaving back and forth in their enclosures — a tell-tale sign of “zoochosis,” a mental illness for animals in captivity.

It’s clear that the Islamabad Zoo does not have the proper facilities for these wild animals.

We must come together as an international community to stand up for these animals. Let’s start by getting proper animal welfare laws for animals in captivity in Pakistan.

Sign the petition to add pressure on the Prime Minister of Pakistan to make this a top priority!

Thank you,

Alex B.
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. For years the animals at the Islamabad Zoo have been severely mistreated. They need you to help convince the government to enact stronger animal welfare laws.

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