Sustain our fight against the grizzly trophy hunt

Judge extends temporary restraining order

Our work to secure justice for grizzlies continues

Dear clint,

Two weeks ago, we stood before a judge in Montana, seeking justice for the grizzly bears of Greater Yellowstone. The stakes were high: grizzly trophy hunts were scheduled to begin in Wyoming and Idaho on September 1. We convinced the court to temporarily halt the trophy hunt, and grizzlies were granted a reprieve for 14 days. Now, the judge has extended that reprieve once more, granting grizzlies another 14 days to roam without fear of trophy hunters’ bullets.

We will be looking for a court decision before that temporary reprieve runs out. If the court rules in our favor, we will defend against a probable appeal by those who want to allow trophy hunting of the iconic grizzly bear. If the court rules against us, we will continue the fight to protect grizzlies.

Make a donation today to our Grizzly Bear Defense Fund and send a message to the Trump administration and bloodthirsty trophy hunters that we won’t rest until all grizzlies are safe.

Humans trapped, poisoned, and shot the 50,000 grizzlies that once roamed the West to near-extinction by the 1930s. When the bears received Endangered Species Act protections in 1975, they began a slow comeback, but their future is still far from assured.

That’s why we immediately sued when Greater Yellowstone’s grizzlies were stripped of their Endangered Species Act protections last year. Grizzly trophy hunts are the ultimate betrayal, undoing decades of work to restore these bears to the West by killing bruins that roam beyond our national parks.

We are hopeful for a good decision and we will not give up on these bears. Donate to our Grizzly Bear Defense Fund and help us keep fighting for a future in which grizzlies roam free.

For the Wild,

John Horning, Executive Director

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P.S. Although we were looking for a court decision today, we haven’t lost hope that one day soon grizzlies will have the protections and respect they deserve. Support Guardians and support a brighter future for these bears—a future we’ll never stop striving for.
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