Hi clint,

“A drive-by shooter would have fewer felonies than you do.” This is what my lawyer told me this morning at court in Sonoma County where I am facing 7 felony charges and 5 misdemeanors for bringing food and water to starving animals. The legal system is being completely abused to suppress activism while authorities ignore criminal cruelty towards millions of animals in this county alone. DxE is working to establish the right to rescue so that when the law is failing us and lives hang in the balance, the public can take necessary action.

Right now, a generous donor is supporting our work to establish the right to rescue by doubling donations for new Open Rescue Allies. For this weekend only, if you become an Open Rescue Ally by donating $1000, your donation will be matched with a bonus $1000 to support this groundbreaking work.

Become an Open Rescue Ally today (or donate what you can) and help us spark a change in Sonoma that will spread around the world. 

In court today, Sonoma County banned me and three other DxE leaders from returning to two massive factory farms where we rescued dying animals. Instead of ordering us away, the County should be thanking us for exposing the horrific crimes happening at these farms. With the right to rescue, we will be able to show the truth inside every farm and slaughterhouse and bring protection for these animals instead of prosecution of nonviolent rescuers. You can watch this livestream to learn more about what happened in court today, and I hope you’ll consider becoming an Open Rescue Ally this weekend to support the next phase of our movement.


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