Hi clint,

Sometimes I just can’t believe that this is the world we live in. This weekend, I went to the farm where DxE’s latest investigation exposed a mass graveyard of dead cows, and I found a cow at the farm gravesite who was still moving. They had thrown this suffering baby out like she was garbage, and left her there to die.

We lifted this baby, whom we named Angel, and began to carry her out, but when the police arrived, they tore this poor baby out of my arms and returned her to the farm. And they arrested the three of us for helping her, charging us with felony “grand theft.” We need your help now to demand that Stanislaus County free the suffering baby cows and drop the charges. They should be prosecuting criminal animal cruelty and protecting animals like Angel, not helping farms abuse them.

Share Angel’s story and join me in asking the District Attorney to free the cows who are suffering at this farm.

The good news is that moments like these expose the cruelty of animal agriculture and build public outrage. People need to know that in the dairy industry, babies are stolen from their mothers and when they get sick, they are tossed out like trash. You can help us spread Angel’s story further and create real change as we demand the right to know and the right to rescue. Share the video and sign the petitiontoday to show your support for animal rescue.


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