Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce that Gab.com is back online again. We are also in the process of hiring three new engineers who were interviewed over the past few days. Our new hosting provider is holding up strong, our new domain registrar wrote an incredible blog post showing their support of Gab and free speech, and we are exploring several payment processing options as we speak.

Epik.com, our new domain registrar, deserves our full support and love right now. They too have been targeted by a mainstream media smear campaign for simply supporting free expression and individual liberty. If you have your domains anywhere else, we’d recommend you transfer them to Epik.com to show your support. If not you can always send them an email or message on their site thanking them for helping keep Gab.com online.

We have some critically important information about our Reg CF round. If you invested before this week you’ll need to reconfirm your investment via the email that startengine sent out by this Thursday. You can also contact them directly here to reconfirm your investment contact@startengine.com. Others who are interested in investing will be put on a waitlist and be bumped up on Thursday if anyone who has already committed does not reconfirm their investment by then. Please reach out to Startengine if you have any questions on this. It’s very important that you do this by this Thursday.

Thank you so much for the continued love and support.

CEO of Gab

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Thanks and remember to speak freely!

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