Take Action Now!

Dear friends,

Scientists just sent out an SOS — our annihilation of wildlife is now an emergency that threatens humanity!

We’ve wiped out 60% of mammal, bird, fish and reptile populations since 1970, and now the UN biodiversity chief says unless we act we could be the first species to document our own extinction!

But scientists have discovered a kind of miracle that could save us.
 If we can protect half of our planet from human exploitation, our ecosystem will be able to stabilise and regenerate. Life on earth will recover!

Our governments have already promised to protect a quarter of the planet, so we know it’s possible. But no other global movement is championing this miracle recovery plan!

It’s up to us to stop this silent killing.

If 20,000 of us chip in just the cost of a cup of coffee a week, we can make this crisis of nature famous, face down the polluters and poachers, and bring this miracle plan for our planet to life — starting with a ministers’ meeting in days. Chip in now:


Our careless destruction of intricate ecosystems is sending us hurtling towards tipping points that’ll collapse the delicate balance of life on Earth, making it uninhabitable for humans. Protecting half of our Earth and sustainably managing the other half would unleash the magic of nature and turn things around — but almost no one knows about the extent of this crisis, or this inspiring solution.

Many conservationists agree with this scientific plan, but we only have two years to inspire businesses, people, and politicians to get a Global Deal for Nature at the crucial Biodiversity Summit of 2020.

And it won’t happen without us.

Avaaz has the national depth, global breadth, and ambition to drive forward a huge idea like this. When we first launched our 100% clean energy campaign in 2013, many said it was unrealistic. But in 24 months, every government in the world signed on. Now we’ve got 24 months again — chip in weekly to help make it happen.

Our movement doesn’t have enormous amounts of money, but time and again, with thousands of small donations, we’re able to turn the common sense of scientists into a public movement that makes political leaders listen. Let’s each chip in today and drive this miracle idea into the mainstream, to save our living planet.

With hope and determination,

Danny, Alice, Allison, Camille, Martyna, Jenny, Rosa and the rest of the Avaaz team

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