One wild animal already died at Tiger Truck Stop in Louisiana. The government must step in and prevent more animals from suffering similar fates.
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One tiger has already died at the Tiger Truck Stop in Louisiana in the United States. It’s hardly a surprise. Tony the Tiger spent years trapped in a tiny cage on the side of the highway, where he breathed in diesel fumes, suffered traffic noise, and was harassed by tourists who saw him as a spectacle. Before activists could rescue him, Tony succumbed to the stress and died of kidney failure.

But perhaps even more disturbing is that Tony won’t be the last animal who suffers at this roadside attraction. Tiger Truck Stop’s owner, Michael Sandlin, has replaced Tony with a five-month-old camel named Casper. He has plans to add more animals including goats, crocodiles and another tiger. It’s time for Louisiana to step in and ban this irresponsible owner from harming any more exotic animals.

Sandlin’s story isn’t just about animal abuse — it’s also about corruption. In 2006, Louisiana passed a law that banned big cat ownership in the state, with one glaring exemption: Michael Sandlin.

Holding tigers and other wild animals captive is cruel in any circumstance. In general, Louisiana seems to understand that. There should no exceptions.

Tell Louisiana Fisheries and Wildlife to lift the exemption and ban Sandlin from owning any more wild and exotic animals.

Thank you,

Emily V.
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. No animal should have to suffer in a roadside cage. Please sign the petition.

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