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Dear clint,

Never before in my lifetime have the vulnerable been more threatened. Never before have those in power been more brutish and arrogant in their use of power.

From sage grouse to silvery minnows, wolves to wolverine, the species extinction clock is at the eleventh hour. Even worse, the very safety net for America’s endangered species—the Endangered Species Act—is in the crosshairs of industry and its allies in Congress.

Every day, WildEarth Guardians stands for equity, protecting these voiceless and vulnerable creatures from indifference or outright hostility. Stand with us as we protect the Endangered Species Act and all the imperiled species it protects by giving today to our Endangered Species Defense Fund.

When we stand for what we believe in, it’s a powerful thing. This year we stood our ground and won critical battles for imperiled wildlife. We guarded Greater Yellowstone’s grizzlies from gunmen, safeguarded sage grouse, and defended wolves from selfish industry. Together we confronted even the most destructive forces that threaten to irreparably damage what we love.

Stand with us this season by giving today to our Endangered Species Defense Fund. Stand for equity, the voiceless, and the vulnerable. Together, we can protect what we love.

With Love,

John Horning, Executive Director

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WildEarth Guardians protects and restores the wildlife, wild places, wild rivers, and health of the American West.

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