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When we found Sally the turkey, she had a massive blockage in her throat from the wood shavings she was forced to eat to survive.Sally was one of the smallest birds among the thousands at this Foster Farms turkey farm and she couldn’t reach food — but now she’s getting all the food she wants on Thanksgiving. That’s because DxE investigators rushed her to the vet for an emergency surgery that removed the wood shavings from her crop, and brought her to a new home with a family of humans, dogs, pigs and bunnies who all love her.

Share Sally’s story with your friends and family this Thanksgiving and help us show the world that turkeys are individuals.

As horrific as Sally’s experience at Foster Farms was, it isn’t unique for these turkeys to starve to death because they all have to compete for food. And yet, while so many Americans are feasting and celebrating over the bodies of these animals, they have no idea the starvation and suffering that went into their holiday meal. The stories of Sally’s rescue and of the 100 turkeys we saved from slaughter earlier this week have the power to change how the public thinks about turkeys this Thanksgiving.

But to do that, we need your help. Thank you for helping us — and Sally — this holiday season.


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