Our undercover investigation into a Finnish fur farm revealed intense suffering.
Urge the UK government to ban the fur trade today, and stop importing fur cruelty!
Dear clint,

I’ve recently returned from Finland where I saw intense suffering and neglect on fur factory farms: Terribly overweight foxes with deformed feet and eye infections and mink with gaping wounds.These animals are so mentally broken from incarceration in such unnatural surroundings that they’ve been driven to attack, and even eat, their cage mates.

Since banning fur farming in 2000, the UK has allowed hundreds of millions of pounds of fur to be imported and sold here as frivolous fashion items, including £14 million worth directly from Finland. We cannot continue to outsource such terrible cruelty overseas and then allow it to be put on sale on our high streets.

You can help stop this. Please call on the Environment Secretary Michael Gove to act now!


After HSI presented evidence of the terrible suffering common in the fur trade to Parliament this spring, a committee of MPs called on the government to launch a public consultation on banning the sale of fur in the UK. Over 30 MPs have spoken out in full and passionate support of ending the UK’s involvement in the fur trade.

However, the government has yet to commit any firm action, stating that any further restrictions should be based on the “protection of animal welfare.”

It’s clear from our latest investigation that animals are suffering and need urgent protection from fur cruelty. Together, let’s make a strong case for the government to pledge meaningful action.

Ask the Environment Secretary to launch a public consultation as a first step to making the UK the first country to ban the sale of real animal fur!

Thank you so much for caring about animals.


Claire Bass
Executive Director
Humane Society International/UK

Photo by Claire Bass/HSI

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