Hi clint,

Factory farming will end in our lifetimes, with your support on#GivingTuesday. And here’s how:

Step 1: Expose the abuse. In 2018, DxE has openly rescued nearly 200 animals from places of violence and shown the world the abuses they endured. In 2019, we hope to rescue even more animals and to spark a global conversation challenging Big Ag.

Step 2: Embrace the backlash. Intimidation is the industry’s best weapon to keep activists from exposing the truth. Instead of giving in to these fear tactics, we need to raise them to the public level. In the face of mounting repression, DxE’s Open Rescue network has grown even larger. In 2018, hundreds of activists have walked right into slaughterhouses to help suffering animals and to show the industry that we are not afraid.

Step 3: Win in court! With your help today, we can raise the funds to make 2019 the year that we establish the right to rescue. Winning even one of our court cases would mean setting a critical precedent for the future of the animal rights movement and the rescue of every suffering animal.

I’m hoping that this #GivingTuesday, you’ll chip in what you can to help us take this 3-step process all the way. Our goal, and it’s an ambitious one, is to raise $50,000 by midnight tonight! That’s enough money to support a single mass action, like the groundbreaking turkey rescue that happened just a few days ago. And until the end of the year, a generous donor is matching all donations to DxE, which means $50,000 would become $100,000.

Every bit counts, so can you help?


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