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Only 2 baby penguins from a colony of 40,000 survived in Antarctica last year! And scientists say the whole ecosystem could collapse unless we protect it from massive fishing fleets and climate destruction. Countries are about to vote to create a HUGE sanctuary. European leaders want it, but to get them to drive it home we’ve got to show it is a massive public priority.Join now — let’s get a million voices, opinion polls and media ads before the vote.


18,000 beautiful baby penguins hatched in an Antarctic colony last winter. But just two survived!

The rest starved — and industrial-scale fishing and climate change threaten to wipe out countless other polar species. Scientists say the only way to save Antarctica’s ocean is by urgently protecting it — and if just two more governments give their backing, we can create a massive network of ocean sanctuaries there.

The vote is coming up, and European leaders can bring the blockers on board — if we quickly show massive public support, we can make sure they step up. Let’s make this huge, then run opinion polls, take out media ads, and deliver our voices directly to President Macron and the EU, calling on them to save this penguin paradise, before it’s too late.

Save Antarctica’s ocean wilderness — Sign now!

In 2016, millions of us helped rally public pressure to create the first Antarctic Ocean sanctuary, in the Ross Sea. It is the largest marine protected area on the planet. But it represents only a small portion of the fragile ocean that surrounds Antarctica.

The wildlife there is already struggling because of climate change — and industrial fishing fleets could push this fragile ecosystem over the edge. At least three more sanctuaries are needed to keep this precious wilderness safe. And they could be created if we make sure EU leaders feel this is a public priority.

Whether we win another marine sanctuary there comes down to a single decision. Russia and China are the two main blockers — but experts say that French President Macron and the EU Commission can win them over. Let’s inspire them to action by raising a million beautiful voices to save this polar paradise — join now and share this everywhere.

Save Antarctica’s ocean wilderness — Sign now!

Avaaz means voice in many languages and speaking up for our fragile planet is one of the things we do best. We have helped secure massive marine reserves all around the world — but this time, it’s not just one more sanctuary — we’re going for the entire Antarctic network and this petition will keep building until it is fully established.

With hope and determination,

Lisa, Pascal, Bert, Christoph, Mike, Nataliya and the whole Avaaz team


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