Just three days left to sign government petition to help protect race horses.
Add your name to prevent suffering for race horses.
Dear clint,

Thanks to compassionate animal advocates like you, MPs and the government are getting the message loud and clear that animals matter.

Now you have another urgent opportunity to help ensure that Parliament takes action to tackle suffering in the horse racing industry.

A government petition calling for a new body to safeguard horse welfare has just days to go before it closes, and it needs only a few thousand more signatures to be considered for a historic debate in Parliament. Add your name today!

Every year around 200 racehorses die in Britain, many suffering agonising injuries due to the poor design of starting traps and jumps.

Existing regulatory bodies don’t seem willing to make substantial changes that would stop so many horses being injured and killed. So we support the call for a new independent horse racing body that puts horse welfare first.

Please help show Parliament that animals should not suffer in the name of sport by signing this petition. 

Thank you so much for caring about animals.


Claire Bass
Executive Director
Humane Society International/UK

Photo by Animal Aid UK

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