Hi clint,

In the face of unprecedented legal charges, DxE’s investigatory team is facing our hardest challenge yet, and also our greatest opportunity. When we go to trial in Utah for rescuing dying animals from two of the largest factory farms in the world, the public will be confronted with the choice to support animal rescue or animal abuse. Right now, we have the chance to establish the right to rescue, and we hope to use this pivotal moment to grow our investigatory network and expand our life-saving work. A generous donor has even offered us a $100,000 matching grant, but to receive this donation, we need individuals to invest in growing our investigatory and rescue network by becoming donating members. Can you help?

Become a member now and you’ll earn a $100 bonus to help us expand our rescue network!

As we move towards larger and more powerful actions and provoke a massive, public conversation about animal rights, we will need a more sustainable base of donors to ensure that we continue to meet rising opportunities. If you or anyone you know is able to be part of that support base, please consider becoming a member by September 30th and earning DxE a $100 bonus from a matching grant. With your support, we can stand up to this repression and come out stronger than before!


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