Help end the torture of geese.

Help end the torture of geese.

Dear clint,

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Right now, on a massive farm in China, a terrified goose is crying out in pain as a worker violently tears out fistfuls of her feathers, leaving bloody, open wounds. When he is done with her, she’s callously thrown aside as he grabs yet another goose by the neck. Now it’s her turn.

This is “live plucking”, a cruel practice that millions of geese – including those on farms that are linked to so-called “responsible” down suppliers – will endure over and over again before they are killed for their flesh. One expert has said this nightmarish procedure is as painful for birds as tearing clumps of hair from humans’ heads would be.

clint, we need your help to stop such cruelty.

Please donate now to support PETA’s work to end the suffering of geese and other animals facing abuse and exploitation.

A PETA US exposé first revealed the misery experienced by geese who are live-plucked for the down used in jackets, sleeping bags, bedding, and other products. Soon after, kind people from around the world were ditching down from their wardrobes and linen cupboards completely. But rather than listening to growing consumer calls to stop the suffering, the desperate down industry promoted a set of international standards that mislead shoppers with promises of “responsible”, “non live-plucked” down.

When representatives from PETA US and PETA Asia again went to China, this time to investigate farms connected to so-called “responsible” suppliers, they documented treatment that was anything but humane. Workers were seen tightly binding birds’ feet together, stepping and pulling on their delicate wings and necks, and tearing their feathers right out while they struggled and screamed. Sick and injured chicks and adult geese and ducks were left to die slowly. Eyewitnesses saw dead birds decaying in crates and ponds and tossed out like rubbish.

By donating to PETA today, you’ll immediately power our vital work to stop the abuse of geese and other animals.

While international certifications such as the Responsible Down Standard claim to assure consumers that live-plucked down won’t end up in certified products, the standards actually allow suppliers to deal in both down that is live-plucked and down that is not and remain certified. Eyewitnesses spoke with farmers and buyers with links to “responsible” companies that deal in live-plucked down, and one buyer bragged about misleading consumers by hiding and mislabelling down and feathers that were painfully torn from live geese. A factory even admitted to producing 15 tonnes of live-plucked down in a single year – the result of some 250,000 violent pluckings!

Exposing these cruel practices and falsehoods is the best way to stop them, and we’re making progress towards ending this vile trade. Every day, more caring people pledge to go down-free, and PETA and our international affiliates have inspired dozens of clothing and homeware retailers to ditch down and feathers. And we’re keeping the pressure on notorious outerwear company Canada Goose to ban down and embrace sustainable, animal-free materials, which are more widely available than ever.

Your generous gift to PETA will help us build on this momentum and secure more wins for animals in need.

Thank you for your compassion and generosity.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk


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