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Tell the UK Government what you think Clint

The UK Government is asking the public what we want from a new Fisheries Act that will determine how we manage fishing in UK seas after we leave the EU.

This is your opportunity to tell them that you want fishing in UK seas to be safer for whales and dolphins.

*Hurry – consultation closes 12 September, 2018* 

Every year, thousands of dolphins, porpoises and whales die in fishing gear in UK waters and this has to stop.

If we show the government that enough of us care, we have a genuine chance to influence policy and save lives.

I’ve made it really quick and easy for you to take part. You can just send our pre-prepared response or you can edit it to include your own message.

As always, thank you for your support Clint it means a lot to know we can count on you.

With warmest wishes from all the WDC team,

Julia Thoms, WDC campaigns manager

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