These Thugs Beat a Cat to Death With a Baseball Bat and Sent the Owner a Video of the Whole Thing. Demand Justice!
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When 45-year-old Anna from Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, started putting posters of her missing cat, Kiki, around town, she thought that some kind soul would find her. Instead, she received a Snapchat. The video started off promising enough, a close-up of one of her posters of her missing Kiki, but then everything went terribly wrong.

The poster was pulled away from the lens and there, in plain sight, she could see a group of disgusting thugs beating her cat to death with a baseball bat.

Imagine receiving a video like this. The pain and sorrow Anna must have felt when she saw her beloved cat suffering at the hands of these cruel people in her last hours.

Despite the fact that both Kiki and the brutalized cat are both long haired black cats, Anna says she can’t be sure that the cat in the video is her beloved kitten. What we can all be sure of is that these people should be caught, charged, convicted and thrown in jail.

There is no excuse for this type of treatment.

Tell Thames Valley Police that these men must be caught. Sign and tell them that you support their search for the cat killers.

Thank you,

Kelsey B.
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. A group of men beat a cat to death with a baseball bat and then sent a video of it to its owner. Sign the petition to demand local authorities get to the bottom of what happened and serve justice accordingly!

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