Hi clint,

“You can take the worst one out.” This is what the police told us last September as we held 10 sick and injured chickens in our arms. We were bringing food and water to the starving birds at Petaluma Poultry and carrying out individuals in need of urgent care. The police stopped us at the edge of the farm, arrested us, and sent 9 of those birds to their deaths — but Rose, the one little hen who made it out, proves that our actions were right, and that even the police thought so.

Today I’m going to court to face felony charges for helping these animals. I’ve never been a rule breaker, let alone a felon, and now I’m going up against a powerful legal system with ties to animal ag. And yet, I’m more excited than scared. And that’s because of your support. Rose’s rescue and recovery remind me that we’re in the right, but without support from the public, we wouldn’t be able to prove it in court.Instead of fighting these charges and working to establish the right to rescue, I’d probably be forced to seek a plea deal for something I know wasn’t a crime. Instead of the hope and genuine excitement I feel this morning as I’m getting ready for court, I would be full of dread and fear.

So I want to thank you for being part of the support system that helps us take these kinds of actions and challenge a court that is protecting corporate interests over what is morally and legally right. On Giving Tuesday, we made $18,000 in a single day from supporters around the world! And all donations to DxE are still being matched dollar for dollar until the end of the year, so I feel confident that together we will raise the funds to not only face this legal repression, but also to rescue more animals in 2019 than any year before.


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