Hi clint,

When I was 17 years old, I woke up in the night to find a man on top of me. He sexually assaulted me, and no one was there to help. My own experiences of sexual violence help me understand what cows experience in the dairy industry. I know they are waiting for someone to help them, just like I was. Today, I’m sharing my story with the world and I would love your support challenging the sexual violence of the dairy industry.

Please share my story to help me expose the dairy industry’s sexual violence.

This Sunday, I’m going back to Ray-Mar Ranches, the farm where I was arrested for trying to save a dying baby cow we named Angel. The police belittled and objectified me, but even worse, they threw Angel to the ground and let her die. I’m going back to demand #JusticeForAngel and for all of the cows who are violently abused at this farm — and I won’t stop speaking up until every single one of them is free. I hope you’ll join the action live this Sunday on DxE’s Facebook page.

Thank you for all your support,


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